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Quantitative BIPs
Find uncommon α

Custom AI system
Train faster than standard IT built AI systems. Is being tested with over $1 Billion in live capital with over 200 computers in the cloud that spin up to train models that know how to hyperparameter tune.

  1. Decision Trees - Boosted and bagged trees
  2. Support Vector Machines- Built to capture non-linear alpha opportunities
  3. Deep Learning - Built leveraging state of the art in GPUs
  4. AI Consulting - We have experience building hedge funds that leverage AI into their workflows. Find out more...


We love working with users from around the globe.

"We are able to uncover opportunities in the FX markets that would normally take 10 traders months to find. We are thrilled with the support from the VersaQuant teams".

Hedge Fund ($350 Million AUM)

"We tried to build our own quant team using standard IT practices, but the effort and skill required to build it was taking away from our core business. It cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars in wastage but more importantly we lost time trying to maintain these complex systems"

Hedge Fund (~$1 Billion AUM)

"What took me months to build and hell to maintain, VersaQuant was able to build in mere days and in one case hours!"

Independent trader (~ $100K in capital)
Commodity Trader

"We hired a team of MIT engineers to build our systems to monitor the production of Aluminum as one of the factors driving our contracts. Unfortuntately we did not have the know how to maintain these systems. VersaQuant was able to come in and not only take the existing system to estimate key parameters, they were able to incorporate Neural Networks to be able to forecast future contract liquidity,

Commodity Fund
Senior Executive

"What took my team years to build in Excel was obsoleted within a matter of hours by the VersaQuant team live in front of our very eyes!"

Large Fixed Income Fund, New York
Chief Investment Officer

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